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Cherry Blossom Time in Marietta

During the month of April, Marietta invites the public to help it celebrate cherry blossom time.

Marietta’s secret treasure, our Kwanzaa cherry trees, are planted all along mile-long Front Street and will be blooming sometime in early to mid-April.

These trees are identical to the ones presented by Japan to Washington, DC. In the mid-1900's, Marietta resident, James Sagris, gained permission from Norfolk Southern Railroad to plant 250 trees in a mile-long stretch of Front Street.

In order to entice people to share in the event, Marietta restaurants will be celebrating during the month of April offering cherry enhanced dinners, drinks, and desserts.

There is no way to accurately predict when the blossoms will be out, as they can be delayed by cold weather or bloom early due to warm temperatures. Businesses will be listing the specials they are offering for our town's Cherry Blossom Festival in this space - so check back with us in the coming weeks!

The trees will be in bloom for approximately 14 days. If you miss the blooms, come follow a time-honored Japanese custom of picnicking under the trees as they shed their beautiful petals.

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