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Member Spotlight on New Life Upholstery

This month we hear from Lillian Hill, owner of New Life Upholstery. New Life Upholstery is located at 462 E Front Street in Marietta. MABA is happy to have Lillian as a member of our community and our business association. In Lillian's voice . . .

I hail from White Plains, NY but am now a local, I think, having lived here in this area over 50 years. I have an English degree, and, as my mother would say, that and $.50 will get you a ride on the subway.

I started my professional sewing career in Annapolis, MD where I learned to make and repair canvass boat sails, spinnakers, and canvas bags. I made and installed three-dimensional signs for the opening of a mall in Columbia, MD back when it was just being developed.

After moving to a Southern York County 5-acre farm in 1972, I began a 40-year life of raising four children, fixing up an old farm house, building a new house when the first one burned to the ground on Christmas Eve, keeping almost every farm animal known, breeding sheep for their wool and meat, making wooden and canvas lawn chairs, and helping to run our family woodworking business. When an opportunity to establish a library in Collinsville arose, I took it. It began by my fixing up an old bookmobile--complete with solar panels. I became the first and part-time librarian, managing a staff of 20 dedicated volunteers.

My first fateful and lucky contact with Marietta came in 1987 when I joined a handful of folks who wanted a different kind of education for our then small children and so bravely brought the Susquehanna Waldorf School to Marietta. For seven years, my children and I commuted 45 minutes each day, me to work and them to and attend the school. At the Susquehanna Waldorf School, I developed and ran the Winter Fair for seven years. In York County where I still lived, I stared New Life Refinishing and Restoration. Coincidentally during that time, a gentleman from Marietta came to work for me. We have been friends ever since.

Marietta became my home nine years ago, and I've been busy during that time. I fixed up a dilapidated house, participated in the Candlelight Tour and Garden Tour (two of each), and became tax collector for two years (that’s a whole other story). Two years ago, I planted the seeds of a garden club here in town with the hopes of putting in more street trees and planters. I am an investor in the Heart Cafe, which opened in April, and I currently work full time as a house mother in a group home for people with mental illnesses. Sometimes, I help out with the Vesta Furnace, too.

With the printing of my New Life Upholstery business cards, I am ready to get back to a modified version of my old business. I'm offering hefty sewing, cushion repair, custom cushions, simple upholstery (kitchen chairs, etc.) repair, furniture re-gluing, and weaving rush and splint seats. I also replace broken zippers.

Working with my hands has always been a passion of mine. I truly believe three things: that we are what we do, never say never or always, and the customer is always right.


You can contact Lillian with requests by phone at 717-309-3309 or by email,

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