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Member Spotlight on is a free to use, online photo editing website. LunaPic was created by Marietta resident, David deVitry, over 10 years ago. David was inspired to create LunaPic because he couldn't find a website that allowed users to easily edit pictures. It was a natural fit due to David's interest in photography and his background in banking, publishing, and E-commerce.

At, internet users can do many things with their photos. The website can handle basic photo editing functions like cropping, scaling, and adjusting colors to more advanced needs like photo effects, animations, and blending. LunaPic will work on nearly every device within a web browser. There are over 300 different photo editing tools on the website, all work easily without the need to install an application. The newest feature is an automatic artwork creation ability. It works on photos with an artificial intelligent neural network learning from great masters and recreating the style of painters such as Picasso or Van Gogh. is multinational and is translated into over 100 languages. The website has helped over 100 Million people around the world collectively edit over 1 billion photos. David makes this happen on LunaPic's dedicated web servers located in four data centers from California to New York. People find primarily through word of mouth or from Google searches. For example, is the #1 result when searching Google on how to crop photos. Google’s ad network sells advertising for Through this, "Mom and Pop" type businesses and nearly every Fortune 500 company advertises on LunaPic. It is easy for them to show their brand to new customers.

LunaPic has been covered by many small business and technology blogs, as well as sites like Huffington Post and Wired. Check it out and let David know what you think at an upcoming MABA Meet and Greet.

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