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Member Spotlight on My Digital Conversion...and more

You may have heard some of the following letters and numbers : VHS, minDV, 16mm, 8mm, LP, 8-track. If they do have meaning for you, then My Digital Conversion, located in the former Farmers First Bank, may be of service to you or someone you kow. My Digital Conversion (MDC) can help preserve your memories by converting them to a digital form. MDC can convert almost any consumer, and many professional, film, audio, video, and photographic formats so that you can play them on a computer or DVD/ CD player.

In a few short weeks, the old bank will also be a destination for enthusiasts of game play called “escape rooms.” Although it may sound scary or claustrophobic, escape rooms are actually a fun, team-based activity where participants seek out clues and patterns, and use their wits to find the key to unlock a room. It should be noted that players are never really locked into a room! To defeat the game, players must solve all the puzzles in a room within an hour. At First National Escape, depending on the room, prices will range from $15 to $25 per person.

Both My Digital Conversion and the soon to open First National Escape are owned by Steve Ulrich (DHS 1990), who collaborates creatively with his wife Abby. Steve and Abby think of themselves as stewards of the 1875 bank and have already invested hundreds of hours into cleaning and stabilizing the building. They are glad to be a part of the Marietta Community.

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