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Member Spotlight on Express Laundry and Linens

Express Laundry and Linens began when Bev Kreider and her husband, Bruce, purchased the Spangler Launderama in 2003. By the end of 2008, nearly all the washers and dryers had been replaced. The business was renamed “Express Laundry” to reflect the expanded services of wash and fold and business laundry. Express now launders items for B&Bs and massage therapists, as well as items such as uniforms, drop cloths, and backdrops. Providing pick-up and delivery expands their area of service and working with a local dry cleaner allows them to offer dry cleaning and alterations.

In 2010, Express Laundry expanded by purchasing their first table linens for rental. Today, Express Laundry and Linens rents tablecloths and napkins to event venues, caterers, brides, and anyone hosting special events. Event design is provided by appointment in the second floor studio, where clients can view swatches and see layout examples of what linens would look like on their tables. Their website, is always being updated to reflect new fabrics and styles for special events, whether it’s a wedding, birthday bash, or anniversary.

"I enjoy the variety of work, and have always loved fabric and color and design, so using tablecloths to transform an event space is something I really like doing," says Bev.

Over the past year, the Kreiders gave their second floor a facelift. In addition to offices and the linen studio, they are now offering a shared workspace with industrial modern décor that provides a cheerful co-working atmosphere for individual and businesses in and around Marietta. Participants can choose to rent a small desk, or use the common areas and conference room. For more information, go to

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