Member Spotlight on GB Watching, Inc.

Paul Myers, owner of GB Watching, Inc., says he’s always wanted to be self-employed. Over the years, he had many different business ideas, but the timing never seemed fitting. In 2011, the right time finally came.

Most of his construction experience was in concrete work, so, Paul started out offering a variety of property services geared toward the home owner. He found himself doing a lot of painting and refinishing of decks, but concrete work was always in the back of his mind. When there was down time, Paul began researching new ideas. He rediscovered some concrete products by H&C and started to offer what he called concrete resurfacing. His customers loved it!

GB Watching, Inc. began to specialize in repairing weather and salt worn surfaces. A new finish was applied and protection achieved with clear or colored sealer. Since then, Paul has added another product line to his arsenal. In partnership with Kingdom Products, he offers a full line of decorative materials and a high quality repair and overlay. “It is more versatile and can handle repairs that many would just replace,” he explains.

Meeting in person is an important part of Paul’s business. He says, “Sometimes people want to do everything by email, but I think it's best to meet with the person that wants the work done. I get a good understanding of the project and most important, we meet and get to know each other a little. Then, I give a fair and honest estimate. It sets the basis for a good relationship.”

While still doing painting and refinishing of decks, GB Watching, Inc. now offers complete concrete restoration service. “I am a craftsman; I like working with my hands,” says Paul. “I always leave something better than when I found it. If I am putting my name on it, everything must be perfect.”

GB Watching Inc.’s customers are home owners who want to keep their homes maintained and updated. Paul’s website,, gets him a fair amount of business, but his biggest complement, he says, is from word of mouth referrals. When his phone rings and a voice on the other end says, “A friend said you may be able to help me,” Paul knows that his work has spoken for itself.

Paul Myers can be reached at 717-606-7893. What do you need restored?

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