"Open for Business" Initiative


Starting a new business is hard work. As a small town community, MABA members are imagining ways we can be supportive of new businesses who open in the 17547 zip code. At our November 2016 Meet and Greet, we used a round table format to brainstorm things that existing businesses could offer in support of someone just getting started. We thought of things like offering of space to hold board meetings or other events, use of outdoor signage, media/PR assistance, sharing of connections to Lancaster news sources, photography of new space for use in press releases and social media, donation of food for ribbon cutting event, and more.

MABA is planning to compile a list based on what YOU, existing business leaders in the Marietta vicinity, choose to offer for 2017.  It will be up to the new business owner to contact you (in some cases, you may need to take the initiative), but this list lets new persons know there is a community of support here to help. Note that this offer is for "brick and mortar" startups vs in-home businesses. So, go ahead, fill out the form below and to indicate what you can supply to a new business in Marietta. Deadline is end of January 2017. We thank you for your support.



Any questions?


If you have any questions, please email our administrator at mariettaareabusiness@gmail.com.