Artisan's corner and farmer's market

The following information and sign up form is specifically for the Artisan’s Corner or Farmer's Market on Marietta Day.


The Artisan’s Corner is only for local artists and makers who do not have a storefront and would like to sell their

products. This designated-for-artists event will occur on Marietta Day and include a variety of artists and crafters displaying an array of beautifully-crafted products, such as visual art, hand-crafted furniture, upcycled designs, and pottery. This is an opportunity to show off your talent, pocket some money, and let people find out about you and your craft. Bring your business cards, too. Do not use this form to apply if you are a reseller of commercially produced jewelry or crafts.


If you are not an Artisan, please fill out the Regular Vendors form.


If you are an Artisan, please scroll down and fill out the online form. 


Farmer's Market: If you are a farmer, grower, or processor of food locally, this is your opportunity to advertise your product and help people know you are here. Community-Supported Agriculture (CSAs) are welcome and encouraged to attend. CSAs may be promoting signups for the season, and also selling something specific that day.  


Do not fill out this form if you sell products that are mass-produced commercially. For example, vendors who sell snack foods or essential oils are not intended for the farmer's market.

If you are NOT a farmer or CSA, Please fill out the Food Vendors form. 


This is an outdoor event, rain or shine. There are no refunds. Be prepared with a canopy if your wares require protection from rain. Farmer's Market spaces measure 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep. 

Please use the form below to apply. You must send payment to complete your application. 



To help us promote your product,  send pictures and videos to,  so that they can be featured on the MABA Facebook page and the event page

 The Marietta Day committee reserves the right to limit the amount of same-type vendors / products / services.